"UPHOARDING" initiative #8

Trojan Pegasus is one of our favorite "UPHOARDING" initiatives as it was made with discarded cardboard collected in our hood. Created for The Stop Organization’s Night Market initiative held one warm night on the 20th. of June 2012, at Bathurst and Bloor streets, in downtown Toronto, Canada.

Food markets that sprout around the world every night are the events that transform cities into living and breathing entities. People come to eat, drink and socialize with one another. One such event happened in Toronto on a warm June night in 2012, where a laneway and a parking lot — part of the venerable Honest Ed's Bargain Emporium, was transformed into a teeming feast for the five senses. This mash-up of the best food, music, art and public giving that Toronto has to offer, was a brain child of The Stop Organization.

Inspired partly by Homer’s Iliad, FG created a giant paper horse with wings, that with historical links to stealth and reversal of fortune, served to emphasize the ideals of The Stop Organization: Reversal of the world wide food shortage. NOW!

After it was rolled into the centre of the market place, the horse lifted its paper wings to disgorge — no men with swords, but only out-of-this-world food prepared by the chefs of THE BROCKTON GENERAL. Armed only with cooking implements used in preparation of great street food, our chefs served and served as the waves of visitors came, ate and partied till the wee hours. We all whished Honest Ed Mirvish could have seen us. We think he would have approved.