In concert with the Toronto Design Week 2012 and sponsorship of Public Displays of Affection, on January 27th 2012, Fugitive Glue unveiled its light fixture OH85 at the Regent Park Revitalization Project. Designed to compliment the steel and wood conference table designed and made by STUDIO JUNCTION it is now a permanent part of 100+ pieces of sustainable, one-of-a-kind furniture, lighting and installations, featured at the new community centre's site on 40 Oak Street in Toronto's East End.

Regent Park was the first public housing project in Canada and was developed in the late 1940's to replace with modern and safe housing the Victorian slums that existed in the area at the time.

Fugitive Glue’s Light Fixture OH-85 [SITE-1] nicknamed "Dogbone", has been designed to resemble the shape of the original buildings still in use.

The piece is made from 70% discarded and reclaimed materials and is coated in thin-set mortar to resemble the cast concrete used in construction. The fixture is equipped with long life energy saving LED's.